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Lapel Pins

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Lapel Pins from Raggo Advertising Products

* Sandblast & Polished Cloisonne
* Cloisonne
* Resin (Soft) Enamel
* 3-D Die Struck
* Screen Print on Cloisonne, Enamel or Mylar
* 4 Color Process (Photo Decals) with Epoxy Dome
* Screen Print on Brass with Epoxy Dome
* Die Struck Iron with Epoxy Dome

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Some Current Specials
  • Cloisonne -The highest perceived-value emblematic jewelery in the industry. Brass is die struck formimg dams or walls which separate the colors. Cloisonne enamel powders are then poured into the openings, fired and polished to give a glassy, gem-like appearance. Sandblasted and polished soft cloisonne takes the extra step of sandblasting the base to give a matte-like finish. Advantages - jewelry-like finish, highly durable, custom shapes, PMS Color Match is available. Disadvantages - Small areas cannot be colored, colors must be separated using metal.
  • >Resin Enamel - "Faux Cloisonne" Similar process, but soft (liquid) enamel is used instead of cloisonne powder. This allows us to mix the colors so that colors can be matched. Advantages - looks similar to cloisonne, yet less expensive, PMS colors can be matched, custom shapes. Disadvantages - colors must be separated by thin metal walls, small areas cannot be color filled, colors may chip or fade if not covered by and epoxy dome.
  • >3-D Die Struck - Metal pin which can be color-filled which is given three dimensional molding producing a high relief pin. Advantages - 3-D designs, cutout letters, economical, custom shape. Disadvantages - Pricing must be quoted because of detaial, small, fine detail is difficult to acheive.
  • >Screen Print on Enamel or Mylar - Your image is screen printed on an enamel or mylar background then is usually epoxy coated. Advantages - PMS color matching, fast turn-around, colors can touch. Disadvantages - Custom shapes require a die charge.
  • >4 Color Process with Epoxy Dome - Photo decal is mounted on a metal finding and covered with a clear epoxy dome. Advantages - Full Color is acheived with perfect registration. Disadvantages - PMS color matching is not available (slight variations in color may occur), custom shapes require special tooling.
  • >Screen Print on Brass - Brass finding is screen printed, then covered with an epoxy dome. Advantages - PMS Color matches, fast turn-around time, colors may touch without metal dividers, small areas can be printed. Disadvantages - Custom shapes require die charges.
  • >Die Struck Iron- Similar to resin (soft) enamel except iron is used. Advantages - Low cost, PMS colors can be matched. Disadvantages - Colors must be separated with metal, cannot color fill small areas, colors may fade or chip without epoxy dome.

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